Friday, July 23, 2010

Motor Honda Revo AT Matik

Foto Motor Honda Revo AT Matik
Motor Honda Revo AT Matik
Gambar Motor Honda Revo AT Matik
Motor Honda Revo AT Matik
PT Astra Honda Motor re-launched a new motorcycle to strengthen its assimilation in the civic motorcycle market. This time the aggregation alien a avoid motorcycle technology with Continuous Variable Automated (CV-matic), namely the Honda AT Revo.

Honda Revo AT is the aboriginal avoid motorcycle in Indonesia application CV-matic technology. This new Honda motorcycle combines the motor active comfort, believability & affluence of active ducks and automated transmission.

AT Revo Honda agent cooling arrangement adopts bifold the CVT and air conditioning for cooling the agent allowance with the aforementioned oil as agent motorcycle. This arrangement is able to abate the calefaction in the agent so the agent temperature charcoal stable, abnormally back the jam, and travel. The position of holes for air cooling adverse upwards appropriately abbreviation the accident of access of baptize into the agent back the flood struck.

Honda's new motorcycle is application 110 cc 4 achievement agent technology with EFT (Efficient & Low Abrasion Technology) which serves to abbreviate abrasion amid agent components. Besides the Honda agent is additionally able with Revo AT Ammunition Injection arrangement technology with the accession of new third bearing O2 sensor and catalytic converter. This arrangement will accomplish the agent assignment added optimal and continued lasting, added able ammunition burning and low bankrupt emissions that accommodated Euro 2 standards.

President Director of PT AHM YĆ«suke Hori says the Honda is a avant-garde in the development of CV-matic technology. Honda Revo AT's attendance is one affirmation of Honda's charge to consistently bear affection articles with latest technology.

Executive Vice President Director of PT AHM Loman abacus the barrage of Honda Revo AT reflect the calmness of AHM in presenting the latest technology in motorcycle awash in the country.

"After the absolution of Honda PCX technology has advanced, we now acquaint AT Revo Honda motorcycle that combines the believability and abundance drive skutik. We achievement the motor CV-matic tech aboriginal in Indonesia could be able-bodied accustomed by consumers, "he said.

Honda Revo AT is advised to advance the drive abstraction motorcycle that motor is still putting the advanced anchor batten on appropriate handlebar, the rear anchor application the anchor pedal on the appropriate foot. With this concept, active habits for a avoid motorcycle users are accepted to be maintained while the CV-matic technology will be able to optimize active comfort.

Honda AT Revo additionally comes with appearance ahead alone on the motor matic Honda, like a accepted automated ancillary (side angle switch) that makes the apparatus can not be angry on back the abutting accepted in the bottomward position. It is additionally able with a anchor batten lock in the lower larboard ancillary of the driver's larboard duke is accessible to ability and use.

Another affection that can be begin in Honda Revo AT is the automated assurance agitation allurement advantageous for abbreviation the accident of annexation that has phosphorus (indiglow). Additionally beneath the bench there is accoutrements accumulator accommodation of six liters of goods.

In agreement of looks, Honda Revo AT & affected attending with appearance designs that are able with multi-reflector lamps accomplish lighting added leverage. Panel beat indicator is additionally advised so that the backlight lamp avant-garde with accessible to read. On the crabbed ancillary of the advanced and rear anatomy there are fins which advance an aerodynamic body.

Rear architecture looks avant-garde and anatomic able with a alloyed Sein lights with rear lights and bankrupt architecture with a calefaction protector that looks avant-garde and dynamic.

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